jueves, 10 de enero de 2008

Pay It Backward

Ok. I've done it. I've finally decided to block the FunWall and Super Wall applications on Facebook. Why? Because of the stupid Forward!! button.

In the web of the 21st century there is really no need to forward messages anymore. You really don't need to get 256 copies of the Montimer bear from all of your friends who somehow found it as a ‘cute’ idea. Have you got an interesting video or a somewhat funny chain letter? Please do not click forward! There is a better solution to share it with your friends: think backwards.

You do not need to spam all of your friends with SuperFun annoying messages, instead post it to your own profile. We, your friends, will get notifications of your posted entries, and we can also visit your profile to see everything that you wanted to share. And this works like a charm on Facebook.

Found a cool video on YouTube and you want to share it? Copy the link of the page with the video, then go to Facebook and click on Posted Items. Paste the link on the Post a link text box and then click on Post. Yep, it's that easy. You can also post links to photos or to any other web page that you might want to share.

Have seen an interesting item posted by some friend and you feel the urge to forward?? You don't need to! Go to your friend's posted items and click on the nifty Share button to re-post it to your profile. Now your friends will also see the posted item, and your common friends won't be drown under tons of duplicates. You can still have viral fun, but without having to annoy all of your friends in the process!

4 comentarios:

r0dr160 dijo...

This is so good I just posted it on facebook

Yannis (ntalamai) dijo...

Oh, I am totally with you Juan... I have also posted your blog entry to my facebook account...

Rafael Peñaloza dijo...

This is so good, I will forward it to all my friends with the SuperWall!

juan antonio dijo...

No! Don't ever try to do that!

You might cause all of your friends to enter into a superposition of states between thanking you for a nice suggestion and hating you for spamming them. And then they will never know whether they feel happy or angry until you go and observe them.